Dehydrated Vegan Meals for Backpackers in the US and UK

Here’s a list of some
companies offering dehydrated vegan meals that you can take on your next
backpacking trip:

Backpacker’s Pantry: Search under the
word vegan and many meals will come up including Organic Blueberry Walnut
Oatmeal; Kathmandu Curry; Cuban Coconut Rice & Black Beans; Pad Thai; and
Three Amigos Veggie Stew.

Choose vegan in the dropdown menu of this United Kingdom company and you’ll see
that they offer meals including Cal and Rice with Spinach; Vegan Orzo
Bolognese; and Posh Baked Beans.

Food for the Sole: Search under vegan and meals such as Ratatouille with Nutty Quinoa Pilaf; Triple Peanut Slaw; and Cinnamon Cherry Crisp will come up.

Good to Go:
Choose vegan under type of diet and many meals will be listed including
Herbed Mushroom Risotto; Smoked Three Bean Chili; Kale and White Bean
Stew; and Bimimbap.