Dough Diary Bake Notes to self

Dough Diary Bake Notes to self

Tue Mar 16

Goal:  to see how open of a crumb i can get with this formula or what kind of a crumb. 

Artisan SD made simple modified cinnamon swirl dough formula . Modified to 450g apf, 50g ww, 73% hydration. almost fridge cold water  no inclusions.  recipe says BF at 21 c for 8-10 hrs. but if   i don’t want to be shaping at  2-4 am i better slow it down.  so i autolysed it at about 18c then decided if i used fridge cold water i better just do it at 21c. I’m hoping dough will be ready to shape at about 6 am.  

5pm autolyse

5:45 -6 started BF

6:30 first round of s and f

7:00 second round then had to go to costco

8:45 third round , didn’t do a 4th  as BF was already into almost 3 hrs. (didn’t want to de gas)