Carrot Cake Brownies

Love carrot cake? Then you’ll love these Carrot Cake Brownies! This easy dessert combines two favorite treats in one: fudgy brownies with carrot cake! Chocolate meets spice in this delicious treat.

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My husband, Mel, has a serious weak spot for anything carrot cake, so I’ve made it a mission in life to create as many different kinds of carrot cake desserts that I can. Today it’s carrot cake brownies – a mash-up of two favorite desserts that are oh-so-amazing!

Rich and Fudgy Carrot Cake Brownies

I took my zucchini brownies (the same ones I used as a base for the vegan brownies) and turned them into Spring’s newest favorite chocolate treat: carrot cake brownies!

It’s a rich chocolate brownie that is infused with the spice flavors of carrot cake: cinnamon and ground ginger. And carrots, of course.

Don’t be scared of the carrots in the brownies, really. They aren’t overwhelming. Think of a carrot cake – is all you taste the carrots?

The carrots in these brownies really give a little texture and a hint of carrot cake flavor. The cinnamon and ground ginger really go the extra mile. Paired with chocolate, it’s like magic.

As amazing as these are plain, I top them with a cream cheese drizzle because I can’t have carrot cake without cream cheese frosting. I love the drizzle because you get the cream cheese flavor, but the bars still look like brownies.

I love these brownies, but Mel LOVES them, and that’s the only endorsement I need. Make a batch for the brownie and carrot cake fans in your life – I think they’re going to love them.


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