Corn Dog Muffins

A fun cupcake-style Corn Dog Muffin that has a big delicious surprise in the middle that is super easy to make and fun to eat.

If you’ve ever been to a small-town festival, these are usually one of the first menu items to be out of, corn dogs on a stick are very popular especially in the Southern states.

This popular stick food is almost always found at State Fairs, feasts, and perfect for outdoor picnic parties, and now we found an easy way to make them at home and so simple.

These tender corn muffins coat a delicious piece of kielbasa or hotdog, and with a few adaptions, you can add just about anything else you prefer in the middle the recipe is so versatile!

If you want to even get a true corn dog experience just add a half skewer or small popsicle stick in the center for an easy-to-eat cupcake-style corn dog.

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