Oriya Style Ambila Recipe – Sweet & Spicy Mixed Vegetable Sabzi

Sweet & Spicy Ambila Recipe is a recipe from Orissa cuisine, which can also be termed as ‘Oriya Mixed Veg Sabzi’ that is packed with delicious medley of vegetables cooked in a sweet and sour yogurt and tomato based gravy and seasoned with panch phoran.

Odisha Style Ambila is a traditional recipe prepared during Laxmi Puja as well.

Note: This recipe is an adaptation of the classic recipe. The method of cooking and styles will differ from home to home. Here is my variation where I have cooked it in a very simple way in the pressure cooker and the taste is absolutely delicious. 

Serve Sweet & Spicy Ambila Recipe along with Steamed Rice and a dollop of Ghee for a perfect weekday lunch

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