Order Lifter Strain | Green Nursery Hemp Flower

Order Lifter Strain | Green Nursery Hemp Flower

Many people try many creams and treatments to get rid of acne but most of the time it does not work. So if you have tried all of these and are not satisfied with them then you should try buying hemp oil from an online CBD shop.


Hemp oil is very helpful in reducing and curing scars and acne problems. Many people have experienced the benefits of hemp oil. You can try it by just applying 2 drops for a week and you will definitely see the results. Moreover, as it’s organic it does not have any side effects.


Guide: How to use it:


1. Get the hemp oil and keep it away from the heat as keeping it in the heat makes it lose all its nutrients.

2. Rub the oil at night on your face before washing with an organic face wash. You to first moisten your face and if you are already wearing make-up then you don’t have to wash it first. You can just rub the oil on your face. Rub the oil from your fingertip in a circular motion so that it will remove the dirt from the pores of your skin.

3. Then you need to wash your face in a similar circular motion until the oil from your face wears off.

4. After washing the face and going to sleep do make sure the pillow cover is clean. 

5. In the morning you will find less acne and less itchy skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties are the reason behind reducing acne and scars.


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