Enjoy a Vegan Passover Seder!

Photo by Rissa Miller

This recipe is from No
Cholesterol Passover Recipes
by Debra Wasserman. This small
paperback book contains 100 vegan Passover recipes including eggless blintzes,
dairyless carrot cream soup, festive macaroons, apple latkes, sweet and sour
cabbage, knishes, vegetarian chopped “liver,” no oil lemon dressing, eggless
matzo meal pancakes, and much more.

Chopped “Liver” Spread (makes 1 cup)

3 Tablespoons oil
½ pound mushrooms, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
1 cup chopped walnuts
Pepper and salt to taste
1 Tablespoon water

Sauté mushrooms and onion for 8 minutes. Pour into blender or food
processor, adding walnuts, seasonings, and water. Blend until smooth. Serve on
matzo as a spread or with raw vegetable sticks.

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