Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi Recipe – Roasted Okra In Yogurt Curry

The Traditional Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi Recipe, is a yogurt based tangy and spicy curry that is a staple dish in North India.

In this recipe of Kadhi, the Bhindi, also known as the Okra is roasted in a wok until soft and yet lightly crisp. It is then added to the well simmered Kadhi that has a delicate cinnamon and chilli seasoning on it.

This Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi Recipe is a keeper and you can make it as many times as you wish and you will keep wanting for more. Serve the Traditional Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi along with steamed rice, the combination is famously known as “Kadhi Chawal“. 

Serve Punjabi Bhindi Kadhi Recipe along with Bharwa Besan Mirch, Phulka and Jeera Rice for a weekday meal.

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