Chilli Oil Recipe

This Chilli oil, is such an excellent condiment that finds a fit not just with the Asian cuisine but goes equally well with a lot of other cuisines too. 

Robust ingredients like fresh ginger, garlic, and red chilli flakes are used to flavour this oil. The addition of toasted sesame adds a great crunch to this oil and the soy sauce gives the oil a mild saltiness. All in all, a lovely flavour packed jar that will be multipurpose in your kitchen. 

Chilli apart from being a great condiment on your dining table can also be used in everyday cooking too.

It can be used as a base to stir fry veggies, meat or even toss your fried rice and noodles in. One could use it as a dipping sauce with dumplings or drizzle it over absolutely anything. 

Serve Chilli Oil as a dipping sauce with Chilli Cheese Mushroom Momo Recipe or Szechwan Hakka Noodle Momo Recipe

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