Aam Panna Pani Puri Recipe

Aam Panna Pani Puri Recipe is a delicious pani puri where the crispy puris are filled with raw mango juice flavoured with cumin powder. This popular drink is known as Aam panna.  Aam Panna has subtle spiciness, sweetness and tanginess and all the flavours together create a party in your mouth.

Crispy puris are filled with simple potato and green moong sprouts which makes these delicious, healthy and refreshing. Your family and friends will absolutely love this delicious aam panna pani puri.

Serve Aam Panna Pani Puri Recipe as an appetizer along with a fun party meal of Rawal Pindi Style Chole RecipeBhatura Mumbai Style Tawa Pulao Recipe with Moong Sprouts and finish of with a dessert of Double Ka Meetha Recipe With Mixed Nuts Rabri

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