Chocolate-Coated Peanut Butter Candies

photo by Rissa Miller

By Rissa Miller, Vegetarian Journal Senior Editor

(Makes 20 balls
or eggs)

1 packed cup pitted dates (about 14-15 dates)

1 cup smooth peanut butter

2-6 Tablespoons coconut flour

One 10-ounce bag vegan chocolate chips

Soak dates in water for at least 2 hours and up to overnight. Make
sure all date stems and pits are removed. Drain dates and add to a food
processor or high-powered blender and let run until the dates are a smooth
paste with no chunks remaining. Add the peanut butter and combine with dates in
the food processor. The resulting candy filling should be somewhat stiff. If it
is not, add coconut flour by the tablespoon until the filling is the texture of
new Play-Doh or like clay from a potter’s wheel. A lot of this step will depend
on how moist the dates and peanut butter are. Sometimes two tablespoons of
coconut flour is enough; other times, more is needed. The filling should be
moldable when you grab a chunk, and hold its form.

     When done mixing, turn
the candy filling out onto parchment or wax paper-lined cookie sheet and roll
into 20 small balls or egg shapes as desired. Chill for 4 to 8 hours;
overnight is fine.

     After the candy filling
has chilled, melt the chocolate next. Microwave on low heat and cook at 20-30
second intervals, stirring in between to ensure even melting.

     Dip each egg into
melted chocolate and place on the lined cookie sheet. When all eggs are dipped
in chocolate, place in a cool place for chocolate to harden. It will take about
an hour, depending on how cool the area is. They are also delicious frozen!