Farmer’s Market Set-Up

Farmer’s Market Set-Up

Hey Everyone,

Question for you.  I was recently asked to participate in a local farmer’s market and wanted to ask the community for advice on essential set up materials for my booth.  Outside of a table, a pop-up tent, and a POS are there some must have items you’ve found that make selling easier?

Also my main question is how I should bring the loaves.  Should I bring them already packaged and have a few loaves in a display case or should I bring everything in a prep bin and bag them on-site?  I’m thinking pre-packaged would be easy-peasy but if I have a slow market I’ve wasted bags, ink, staples etc and maybe folks might want to select the ear that speaks to them? lol.

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here so any suggestions how best to run an efficient set up would be much appreciated.   

Thanks so much!