Mushroom Thoran Recipe-Kerala Style Mushroom Sabzi

Thoran is a stir fry made with any type of vegetable and coconut in Kerala. Mushroom thoran Recipe or mushroom stir fry in Kerala style is a vegetable dry sabzi made with finely chopped mushrooms. These mushrooms are mixed with a paste made of coconut and shallots to make this recipe. It is then tempered with mustard and cumin seeds and curry leaves. This dish has a mild flavor and is not spicy. We loved having Mushroom Thoran Recipe-Kerala Style Mushroom Sabzi with steamed rice and Cheriya Ulli Sambar. And did I tell you that you can pack this mushroom thoran in your lunch box and have it with rotis? This recipe will be liked by kids and adults alike. My daughter had it with roti for her lunch box and she loved it.

Did you know: Mushrooms are naturally low in sodium, fat, cholesterol, and calories and have often been referred to as “functional foods.”  The fiber, potassium and vitamin C content in mushrooms all contribute to cardiovascular health.

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