Italian Cannoli Pastry

Italian Cannoli is one of our favorite pastries ever invented and of course, everyone will tell you they make the best, just like I will tell you now, this is my mom’s recipe and she made the best!

The creamy filling of mascarpone and ricotta is just an addicting confection you just want to grab a spoon and keep eating.

Although you can buy premade cannoli shells, we always made our own and my step-by-step instructions will certainly take any doubts in your mind that there is anything hard about them, easy but you have to have the right tools.

This tubular fried crust then filled with this smooth rich delectable cheese filling inside is incredible.

The cylinder tubes can be found online, you can get them at a specialty shop for baking also.

The cylinders are a must-have to make these, some folks do a pizzelle maker but if I am going to only make these once a year on Easter, they’re going into hot oil like the original way mom made them.

We love cannoli and I make a fabulous