Niramish Shobji Chapor Jhol – Bengali Style Vegetable Curry with Lentil Patties

The Niramish Shobji Chapor Jhol is a delicious Bengali style vegetable curry made from fresh seasonal vegetables with potatoes, brinjal, pumpkin, carrots or any other vegetable in season. It is packed with flavours from the mustard oil in which is is cooked and the special bengali 5 spice powder the Panch Phoran and simmer. The addition of pan fried lentil patties makes this Niramish Shobji Chapor Jhol absolutely wholesome, rich in protein and delicious too.

Serve Niramish Shobji Chapor Jhol with hot steamed Steamed Rice and Aloo Parwal Sabzi for weekday lunch or dinner.

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