Roasted Peppers & Cheese Crostini Recipe

 Roasted Peppers & Cheese Crostini Recipe is a crowd pleaser for all age groups. Crispy slice of buttered bread topped with stringy soft cheese and earthy roasted bell peppers finished of with some seasoning. 

This Roasted Peppers & Cheese Crostini also includes a bit if a bite from the sweet corn kernels and heat from the pickled jalapenos, all of it balanced out with the cheese topping. 

It can be served to kids as an after school snack, or carried to for a picnic meal and even be served as a party starter. 

Serve Roasted Peppers & Cheese Crostini Recipe along with Beet Apple Salad Recipe with Apple Cider Vinaigrette and Red Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipe as the first course of the meal. 

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