Wicked Sisters Baltimore Restaurant Review

Photo from Wicked Sisters

By Angela Weber, VRG Intern

As a student in Baltimore, I have loved getting to try a
variety of local restaurants in the area that serve amazing food, and it has
been something I have missed throughout the coronavirus pandemic. As some
restrictions have started to lift again, I decided to treat myself to a nice
vegan takeout meal to spice up my routine, and Wicked Sisters did not
disappoint. Wicked Sisters is located in the Hampden section of Baltimore,
Maryland, and although they are not a vegetarian restaurant, they do offer a
few delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. Furthermore, they have a safe and
efficient takeout process, and are following all social distancing guidelines
inside their restaurant.

     I decided to try
the Tufudan Dan Noodles entrée. Wicked Sisters confirmed over the phone this is
vegan. The dish was packed with flavor and came in a nice, big portion that was
great for leftovers (or for sharing). I am a big fan of lo mein and sesame
noodles, and this meal was a fun, fiery twist on these classics. This is
definitely a meal spicy food enthusiasts will enjoy. The “fiery sesame sauce,”
as they call it, was creamy and savory in every bite. I loved the noodles, and
they were complemented well by the “spiced crumbled” tofu and the assortment of
vegetables (there was a healthy helping of mushrooms, tomatoes, shredded
carrots, shallots, edamame, and snap peas).

     I would definitely recommend this dish and Wicked Sisters in general, as I have always enjoyed what I have gotten from this restaurant. To learn more about Wicked Sisters, you can visit their website here: https://www.wickedsistershampden.com/#home-section/, and for more information about other restaurants that serve vegetarian and vegan food in the USA and Canada, check out the Vegetarian Resource Group’s Restaurant Guide here: https://www.vrg.org/restaurant/index.php.