Mini Cassata Siciliana Cakes

The classic Italian cake Cassata Siciliana shines as a traditional favorite at Easter. This version uses a muffin pan to create individual servings. 

I’m squeezing in one more Easter recipe before the holiday on Sunday. I’ve wanted to explore Cassata Siciliana for more than 2 years now! There are a few different versions with varying instructions, but this one with its marzipan cover is an Easter classic. The green is so springy and the candied fruit adds a pop of color that is irresistible to my eye.

When I began this recipe, I’d planned to make it as a single cake using a deep dish pie pan. I guess my pan grew legs and walked off, and it remains MIA. My improvisation involved a jumbo muffin tin to make 6 little cakes. They’re just the cutest! Now I’m almost glad that I couldn’t find that pie pan. (Almost.)

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