Soft sandwich loaf

Soft sandwich loaf

My wife asked if I could make a soft sandwich bread for this weekend, so I did another round of my Pullman pan test loaf.  Just increased the size of the loaf.

For the levain, I used a combination of Raisin Yeast Water and little bit of mother starter in the build.  So…  I guess we’ll call it a sour poolish.  🙂

Overall, everything went well, but my dough seemed to be tearing during the FF.  Not sure if the dough hadn’t developed yet or if my technique was poor, so I stopped after 200 and switched to some hand kneading.  I had a conference call so I stopped dough development and started bulk fermentation.  Made sure I did some folds to continue development.  

Stopped doing folds when aliquot was at 30%.  I decided to push deep into bulk this time and waited until aliquot was at 90% before pre-shaping.  Aliquot was over 100% when final shaping was complete, and was pushing 150% when it went in the oven.  Will be interesting to see if it is overproofed, but I did get good oven spring.  I degassed hard before final shaping, so I’m hoping to have a relatively tight but uniform crumb.  The feel of the loaf seems like it will be nice and soft.

Ended up being 30 minutes with the lid off and the last 5 minutes out of the pan and on the rack.  I removed the upper element shield when I removed the Pullman lid, but the top of the loaf never really browned much.  The rack was placed in the middle position.  Final internal temp was 205 deg F.

Crumb shot tomorrow!


EDIT: Crumb added…  Not great.  Not terrible.  I don’t think I was overproofed, but don’t think I could have gone much longer either.  Maybe seeing a little compression on the bottom of the loaf.  Hard to say though because I did degas hard before final shaping, and I was working the final shape pretty hard to get some tension in the dough.  This is one area where I really need to get some consistency.  My shaping techniques are kind of all over the map.  Loaf is still pretty soft though, so I’ll take it!