Konkani Style Sungta Ambat Aani Tallel Sungta Recipe- Fried Prawns & Curry

Sungta Ambat Aani Tallel Sungta is what they call the prawn’s curry and fried prawns in the Konkani language. This is a recipe from the Karwari GSB cuisine. Karwar, a city in Karnataka, lies at the mouth of the river Kali. With the abundance of fish and coconuts in that area, the Karwari GSBs are thorough fish eaters and the gravies they cook are made using coconut.

To bring sourness to this gravy, they actually use ‘Sola’ or dried ‘Vataambe’ which is found only in that region. The word sola can be confused with kokum which too are called sola in other languages. I have used tamarind instead as these sola are mostly not available anywhere else. This doesn’t affect the taste of the gravy in any way. Also, the spices applied to the fish for frying were then ground on a ragda which gave a thick paste. But the same cannot be attained in a mixer grinder. So I have used dry spice powders instead. 

Serve Sungta Aambat Aani Tallel Sungta along with Steamed Rice and Sol Kadhi for a perfect and delicious Konkani Meal.

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