Sweet And Spicy Tofu Salad With Beetroot Recipe

Sweet And Spicy Tofu Salad with beetroot, like other salads that require no cooking, are a boon to our busy lives. When made healthy, with protein and fiber rich ingredients, as well as flavoursome, they can be quite satisfying as a main or side salad. Such salads are great even to pack in a lunch box. While most salads are enjoyed on the milder side, this salad with beetroot, is bursting with spicy flavours balanced by a touch of sweetness. In addition, this is a zero-oil, quick recipe. This Sweet And Spicy Tofu Salad with Beetroot can either be served as a salad, or even as a dry vegetable dishes to be had along with your favourite rice preparations.

To get an added punch of spice, you could use the thick fresh red chillies used in Chinese cooking or a jalapeno pepper, finely chopped, instead of regular green chillies. For the sweet flavours, if you don’t have maple syrup on hand, you could substitute it with honey too.

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