Cauliflower Kurma (Tamil Nadu Restaurant Style Cauliflower Chops) Recipe

When you visit a good veg restaurant in Chennai for dinner you will find it difficult to miss the sight and smell of a favourite dinner tiffin of the Chennai people, the ‘Parotta-Chops’ or in other words Paratha with yellow coloured kurma. This Kurma or Chops is typically made with Cauliflower as its key ingredient with almost a burji texture.

Fresh cauliflower is chopped into smaller florets and cooked along with a rich creamy gravy made up of cashew nuts and poppy seeds. Tomatoes adds to the tanginess of the dish and the fennel seeds gives the kurma it’s authentic taste. A easy to make and refreshingly yummy side dish for your flat breads and tiffin.

Cauliflower Kurma is a tasty, healthy and popular side dish served along with appam, idiyappam, phulka or malabar paratha.

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