Chocolate Lasagna Recipe

Get ready for the creamiest, dreamiest no-bake dessert! This Chocolate Lasagna is layers of creamy cream cheese and rich chocolate pudding with an Oreo cookie crust. This dessert is excellent for serving a crowd, and you can adapt in so many ways.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a chocolate no-bake dessert I didn’t like – I pretty much love them all! But I have a special place in my heart for chocolate lasagna. There’s just so much too much love about it!

It’s one of my all-time favorite desserts when I need to serve a crowd. It’s easy to make, it’s no-bake, and it can be ahead. Oh, and it’s incredibly cool, creamy, and chocolaty.

What is Chocolate Lasagna?

Chocolate lasagna is a decadent no-bake dessert. It gets its name because the dessert is made in layers, like lasagna. Except there’s no pasta involved!

Sometimes it’s called a chocolate icebox cake or chocolate dream dessert, but no matter what you call it, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream. A chocolate cookie crust, cream cheese layer, and a chocolate pudding layer combine to make the best no-bake dessert ever.

You can make it up to a day in advance, and leftovers keep for two days in the refrigerator. It’s a great choice for potlucks, cookouts, and parties because it feeds a crowd.


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