long bulk fermentation with fresh yeast

Yesterday i made a dough with a long bulk fermentation in mind, to achieve this for the single loaf dough of 750g the amount of fresh yeast required would a mere 2.2g. The minute amount was able to be accurately weighed on the set of jewelers scales, the dough was mixed at 8.10am and was ready for the oven at 8.40pm the first slice this morning confirms the theory that long slow fermentation equals enhanced flavour. The flour used was Supermarket Black and Gold Plain Flour that lists the protein level at just 9.5%The dough was slower than anticipated due to the cool conditions in the kitchen and not using warmed water to get the dough off to a good start with the desired dough temperature. but i was pleased that it fitted into my day and was out in time for bed! and even better ready for breakfastFLOUR 100% 440gsalt 2% 9gbutter 2% 9ggolden syrup 2% 9gfresh yeast 0.5% 2gwater 65% 286g       the cats are showing you how to relax on a cold wet wintery day here in Perth and reminding me to come back in the next life time as my wife’s cat. They are full brothers from the same litter Jess and Tigger