3 Ingredient Caramel Sauce

This 3 ingredient easy caramel sauce is the easiest way to make homemade caramel for all of your desserts! You can make a batch and keep it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks in no time at all. You’ll skip the store-bought sauce once you try it!

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Your next bowl of ice cream needs a drizzle of this caramel sauce and, before you think, “ugh, homemade caramel sauce is a pain,” let me reassure you: this one is not.

Easiest Ever Caramel Sauce Recipe

You only need THREE ingredients to make it, and one of the ingredients is water.

If you’ve ever made the old-fashioned from-scratch caramel sauce, you know it can be a little scary. Caramelizing the sugar and adding cream can cause a sticky bubbling explosion that is not fun to deal with or clean up. I know this from experience.

Not to mention problems like crystallized sugar making your sauce grainy or ending up with a less-than-thick sauce, which is also a bummer.

You won’t have any of those problems with this sauce. It’s a no-fuss no-fail caramel sauce that works every time. I’ve taken out the guesswork – just follow the recipe, and in no time at all, you will have a jar of golden sweet caramel sauce with the perfect consistency. 

Did I already mention it’s a 3-ingredient caramel? I just want to make sure you didn’t miss that part! It’s a seriously easy caramel sauce recipe, and you’ll want to make a batch to have on hand at all times. It’s the perfect topping for so many desserts.


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