Achari Paneer Tikka Recipe

Achari Paneer Tikka is the most popular vegetarian appetizer in the Punjabi Cuisine. The word achar in Hindi means pickle. Paneer cubes marinated in an achari marinade makes an aromatic, flavorsome party snack. A blend of pickling spices goes into the marinade giving a distinctive flavor to the paneer.

You can either grill the marinated paneer pieces on a grill pan over the gas, can use a charcoal barbecue or can do it in the microwave grill as well. Vegetables can be marinated in the spices and stored in an airtight box in the fridge a day before the party. 

Serve Achari Paneer Tikka along with other yummy dishes such as Chole Aloo Tikki Chaat and Pav Bhaji Pizza for your house parties.

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