Almond Joy Pudding Cookies

Easy Almond Joy Cookies made with coconut pudding mix and Almond Joy candy bars are soft pudding cookies that are so easy to make. If you’re a coconut fan, you are going to love these easy pudding cookies!

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Fun fact: I love to stand in the pudding mix aisle at the store and brainstorm pudding cookie ideas. Am I alone in this? Sometimes I get so absorbed I don’t even realize when someone is hovering behind me trying to grab what they need. Oops. I can’t help it! I love coming up with new pudding cookie recipes, and today? Today it’s Almond Joy pudding cookies!

These sweet morsels are a combination of coconut pudding and mini Almond Joys – a combination you will love if you’re like me. Am I the only one who nabs Almond Joys from their kid’s trick-or-treat bag? Guilty as charged.

So, when I saw instant coconut pudding mix at the store… well, a plan came together.

Why We Love These Almond Joy Pudding Cookies

  • Coconut and chocolate candy bars baked into a cookie. There’s a lot to love about that!
  • I used my basic pudding cookie recipe as the inspiration because it’s super easy and can be adapted in so many ways. 
  • This is a NO CHILL cookie dough. Just mix, roll, and bake!
  • The cookies are soft from the pudding mix and stay soft for several days – if they last that long! We love them warm from the oven and don’t always have leftovers.

If your or someone you know loves coconut, this recipe needs to be on your list. You will love how easy it is.


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