Aquafabulous: Baking with Chickpea Liquid

Basic Meringue Cookies photo by Laura McGuiness

Perhaps you’ve heard about Aquafaba. The liquid you’ve been draining from
your beans all these years is actually surprisingly similar to raw egg whites
and can be used for baking in much the same way. The liquid can be baked,
whipped to make meringue, turned into marshmallows, or used to create uncanny
cheese substitutes.

Laura McGuiness shares her experience baking with aquafaba in a previous
issue of Vegetarian Journal. She
explains, “Aquafaba is still largely a mystery, even to scientists. The
proteins and starches in the bean juice appear to mimic the proteins in egg
whites, but the exact science leaves something to be desired. What we do know
from an analysis by The Norwegian Food Research Institute is that aquafaba is
mainly composed of starch and proteins. Because of the high starch content,
aquafaba is able to form stable gels, which may aid in its ability to emulate
egg whites.”

You’ll find the following recipes in this article along with photos of some
of the baked items:
Basic Meringue Cookies
Baked Alaska
Lemon Apocalypse Pie
Chocolate Mousse
Walnut Fudge
Lemon Dacquoise

The article can be found here: Aquafabulous

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