Baked Lemon Dill Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass is a delicately mild white fish that if prepared properly, will be on a seafood lover’s list of favorites.

Although one of the pricier fish to make, chances are after your first bite, you will have no problem paying extra for this pricey tasty seafood.

The lemon butter dill sauce combination brings out the taste of the Chilean Sea Bass, and it’s so delicious, that makes this unforgettable.

We love the wonderful flaky thick white fish it’s tender, juicy, and probably one of the tastiest white fish in the sea if you’re a seafood lover.

Keeping the recipe simple is key, as this tastes great plain on its own no matter how it’s cooked it’s amazing in flavor.

The Chilean sea bass can be grilled, pan-fried, or baked in a sheet pan as we have with all your sides in one pan.

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