Banana Cake with Coffee Frosting

This Banana Cake is not only super moist it’s soft, light and not dense like a banana bread and the best part is the coffee-flavored icing on top.

Of course, for all my cream cheese frosting lovers, that will also be the alternative recipe in the card at the bottom I would never just it completely from the classic.

I remember mom making a banana cake and always added leftover coffee to the frosting it was the craze back in the 1060s so this vintage recipe can be adapted to a current more modern frosting.

Mom always used simple pantry ingredients most of the time to get rid of brown bananas (which by the way makes the sweetest most delicious cakes) and even milk about to sour.

We even loved using this batter for cupcakes and frosted them with the coffee frosting and sprinkled walnuts on top, boy do I miss all the sweet treats she made growing up.

Mom made everything from scratch and nothing especially brown bananas ever went to waste and we’re always created into something yummy like this marvelous soft banana cake with creamy frosting.

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