Be Sure to Visit Infinity Room in Salem, Oregon for Delicious Vegan Food!

Photo from Infinity Room

Infinity Room is located
in the renovated lobby of the former Capitol City Theater in Salem, Oregon. It
is a marriage of the performing arts in Salem, combining the stellar kitchen,
bar, and stage of The Space Concert Club and the improvised and Stand-up comedy
of Capitol City Theater. Their menu
included Bowls & Salads, Small Plates, Wraps and Sandwiches (Sammiches),
Burgers, Tostados, and Desserts. Nearly all of their items are made in
house, including the sandwich bread, burger buns, slider buns, queso, chili,
hummus, beans, desserts, dressings, bar mixers, and sauces. The pre-made items
they carry are chosen based on their quality and locality. They are proud to
serve Field Roast, Before the Butcher, and Follow Your Heart products all
of which are west coast based!

Sample dishes on their menu include the Psychedelic Chef Salad (Cabbage,
pickled onion, lettuce, pickled beets, red bell pepper, pickled cauliflower,
cucumbers, tofu feta, black sesame seeds, dressing of choice); Engineer
Bowl (Cucumbers, mixed greens, lettuce, slaw, creamy dressing, crushed tortilla
chips, grilled tofu, caramelized onion, and green onion); Burger was the Case
Wrap (JustEgg patty, tempeh bacon, Violife provolone, tots, burger patty of
choice, Violife cheddar, Liquid Sunshine hot sauce, green onion); Dirty Chai
Donut (Made fresh every day with Manny’s Choice European wheat flour, Sattwa
chai, cold brew coffee and a dark chocolate steeped together with a touch of
oatmilk); plus so much more!

They are presently open Fri-Sat:
11am-9pm and Sunday: Noon-8pm.

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