BEST Fudgy M&M Brownies Recipe

Learn how to make M&M fudge brownies! These easy brownies have the best fudgy texture, and lots of M&Ms mixed into the batter and baked on top. Make them with classic M&Ms or any other flavor that you like. Plus, I’m sharing tips for baking and slicing the perfect brownie that will get you rave reviews.

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Are you team fudgy brownie like me? I know they exist, but cakey brownies haven’t really ever been my thing – give me a rich, fudgy, chocolate brownie, and I’m a very happy girl.

The only thing better than a fudgy brownie is a fudgy M&M brownie, and that’s what I’m sharing today. This recipe makes a batch of the best brownies from scratch. You are going to love them!

Why This Recipe Works

  • This recipe starts with browned butter, and then all of the other ingredients are mixed into the warm butter. This creates a super-rich batter that bakes up so fudgy and amazing.
  • I also double on the chocolate by using chopped unsweetened baking chocolate and cocoa powder. In other words, these m and m brownies will cure a chocolate craving!
  • I’m sharing the best tips for slicing brownies, so you get perfect squares (hint: get out the foil and put away the metal knife!).

I can promise this is tried and true recipe. I’ve made these easy brownies countless times, and they always turn out, and they always get rave reviews from everyone that tries. It’ll be your go-to MM brownies recipe once you try it!


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