Bhogichi Bhaji Recipe – Maharashtrian Mixed Vegetable Sabzi

Bhogichi Bhaji Recipe is a Maharashtrian delicacy where mixed vegetables are simmered and cooked in goda masala and peanut sesame powder. Has a rich and yet nutty taste perfect to go along with a Takalaka Palak, hot Bhakri and steamed rice topped with ghee.

Its is typically a winter dish made from winter vegetables like red carrots, fresh Green Chana, flat green beans (Val Papdi) and Ber (Indian Jujube). However, I never shy away from using regular carrots and when you don’t have fresh green chana you can make do with green peas as well and the Bhogichi Bhaji tastes delicious.

Bhogichi Bhaji is also made during the harvest festival of’ Makar Sankranti’ (also known as ‘Lohri ‘ ,’Pongal’ in different parts of India) is celebrated. 

Serve Bhogichi Bhaji with Multigrain Bhakri or Bajra Til Bhakri with a dollop of fresh homemade ghee or butter on top. Plan your lunch or dinner menu with this recipe and enjoy the goodness of the seasonal produce.

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