Bon Appétit Management Company Announces Climate Change Policy

Bon Appétit Management Company announced a climate change policy to reduce emissions by 38%, per calorie of food, by 2030. They said, “In tandem, Bon Appétit is also introducing a set of tools to assist clients in meeting their own emissions reduction goals. As a food service management company with operations on the sites of colleges and universities, corporate offices, and cultural institutions in 33 states, Bon Appétit’s food purchases represent the vast majority of its total emissions. The processes of growing, transporting, packaging, and refrigerating food culminate in one-third of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.”

Bon Appétit stated, ”

  • Bon Appétit will continue to track red meat and cheese consumption through the Food Standards Dashboard, as it has done since 2007, and has set an aggressive target of less than 1-ounce-per-guest-per-meal for beef and less than 2.5 ounces for all meat, poultry, and seafood.  
  • Bon Appétit’s Plant-Forward Culinary Collaborative – a working group of chefs tasked with creating plant-forward resources for the company’s culinary staff – will work together with the company’s wellness team to conduct regional plant-forward trainings, helping to skew menus away from carbon-intensive meat and cheese, and toward plants.”

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