French Potato Salad is a super fresh salad with the most amazing vinaigrette with fresh herbs. A great alternative to the usual potato salad! FRENCH POTATO SALAD WITH FRESH HERB VINAIGRETTE I absolutely adore potato salads so I thought I would come up with a fresh take on it that is inspired by French-style salads…. […]

Sourdough French Toast

Sourdough French Toast has that delicious, stand-out sourdough flavor in each decadent bite. Top your toast with some fresh berries and a drizzle of syrup, and dive in!  Sourdough is a very fluffy and spongy bread, so it soaks up all the egg custard mixture and cooks perfectly in your skillet. Pair these meal-prepped French… […]


No limp and soggy french toast with this recipe! The thick bread is dipped into a pancake-like batter just like your favorite diner! FLUFFY FRENCH TOAST Raise your hand if you’re sick of soggy French toast? I know people who don’t eat or make French toast just because of that problem. They like the flavors,… […]

Copycat Denny’s French Toast

If you’ve ever been to a Dennys for breakfast, you already know their French toast is terrific but even better made in your own kitchen. Today we are making a copycat version that is so easy and delicious everyone will ask for this over and over again in your home. With just some simple pantry […]

Besan Bread Toast Recipe On Tawa – Vegetarian French Toast

Besan Bread Toast is an lip smacking recipe which can be prepared pretty quick and makes a great version of the vegetarian French Toast. If you run out of vegetables for the sandwich filling, this is a wonderful recipe to make since gram flour/ besan is easily available in the pantry. In this recipe, the […]

Goan Style French Beans Foogath Recipe

Today’s post ‘French Beans Foogath Recipe‘ is one comforting dish made from steamed french beans and lentils, that is very popular in Goa. This mildly spiced french beans curry tastes perfect with roti/hot rice accompanied with some Dal. Do try this easy and healthy dish and we are sure you will like it. Serve Goan Style […]

French Onion Tart Recipe

French Onion Tart Recipe is a tart recipe that is easy to make to home and will leave you mesmerised at its simplicity. This tart is a plain onion tart with no cheese in it. A savoury tart that tastes delicious. Just few fresh herbs to uplift the tart are all you need to make […]

Blueberry French Toast

Blueberry French Toast takes your french toast to a fruity level by adding a blueberry sauce made with fresh blueberries to the batter. If you are craving regular french toast, be sure to check out my Best French Toast Recipe next! Blueberry French Toast It starts with a pint of fresh blueberries in this blueberry […]

Easy, Cheesy Vegan French Bread Pizza

Switch up the toppings on this easy, no-fuss pizza recipe from the Easy Vegan Comfort Food cookbook to your liking. Try vegan sausage grounds, mushrooms, buffalo cauliflower, and a drizzle of vegan ranch. Photo credit: Barb Musick