Creamy Spinach And Potato Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Creamy Spinach And Potato Breakfast Casserole Recipe is a casserole recipe loaded with crispy potatoes, minced soya chunks instead of meat, garlic, eggs and made to make your taste buds happy. Serve Creamy Spinach And Potato Breakfast Casserole Recipe as a brunch along with Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe (Breakfast Bread Pizza) and Mulled Apple Juice […]

Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

This smooth, rich, and creamy peanut butter frozen yogurt is the perfect healthy treat to cool off on a hot day – and it can be made with just 5 ingredients! Yes, 5 ingredient creamy homemade frozen yogurt. The surprisingly healthy dessert can be egg free, gluten free, paleo, keto, dairy free, and vegan, with […]

Vegan Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Classic vanilla ice cream is packed with delicious unbaked chocolate chip cookie dough, in this homemade vegan cookie dough ice cream – with NO eggs or dairy! This cookie dough ice cream can be: Vegan Gluten Free Keto Nut Free Egg Free Paleo Sugar Free Dairy Free Smooth, thick, and creamy, it’s perfect for a […]

Nut Butter Vegan Cheesecake

This Easy No-Bake Nut Butter Vegan Cheesecake can be prepped in a few minutes, with NO soaking or blending cashews! We use nut butter to create a simple, delicious no-bake vegan cake that can be easily made cashew-free by using your favorite nut or seed butter. Gluten-free & paleo! I’m a major lover of cashew-based […]

10 Vegan Jerkies that Prove Plants are the Ultimate Protein Snack

Our ancestors preserved meat for obvious reasons—food was scarce, winters were long, and traveling required portable food that was compact and long-lasting. For these reasons, jerky was a staple long before paleo dieters made it the snack trend it is today. However, it also creates a livestock industry that’s bad for our health, the planet, […]

A Vegan Diet Reduces Severe COVID-19 Symptoms Up to 73 Percent, New Study Finds

Individuals who follow a plant-based diet are 73 percent less likely to experience moderate-to-severe COVID-19 symptoms, according to a new study published by scientific journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health. The study involved 2,884 frontline healthcare workers from six countries—including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States—568 of whom were infected […]

15+ Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes!

Say hello to the best Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes around! This post includes over 15 delicious gluten-free muffins with plenty of vegan, dairy-free, paleo, and refined sugar-free options. All perfect to prep for a healthy breakfast or snack! Homemade gluten-free muffins feel necessecary anytime of the year, don’t you think? I typically like to whip up […]

Cheesy Cauliflower Rice

This easy cheesy cauliflower rice recipe is so rich, creamy, and delicious, it is definitely one recipe that you need to try to believe! I made the cheesy cauliflower rice for five different friends, and we all thought exactly the same thing as soon as we tasted it: None of us could get over how […]

Chocolate Avocado Pie

This secretly healthy avocado chocolate pie is silky smooth and oh-so delicious. No Bake Avocado Pie Just 5 Ingredients: Cocoa powder Avocado Chocolate chips Sweetener of choice Pinch of salt You May Also Like: Almond Butter Brownies – NO flour required Secretly Healthy Avocado Desserts I know what you might be thinking. There goes another […]

Coconut Flour Cookies

These soft and chewy keto coconut flour cookies are quick and easy to make, with melty chocolate chips in each delicious bite! A coconut flour recipe with JUST 5 INGREDIENTS! With a deliciously fluffy texture, they taste like a cross between a gooey chocolate chip cookie and a sweet coconut macaroon. The homemade healthy cookies […]