Pad See Ew (Thai Rice Noodles)

Pad See Ew is what I would consider Thai fast food, right up there with all of our favorite takeout noodle dishes like Pork Lo Mein, Singapore Noodles, Pad Thai, and Drunken Noodles. It comes together quickly as long as all the ingredients are prepared ahead of time and ready to go into the wok!… […]

Eggplant with Thai Basil & Chicken

This stir-fry of Eggplant with Chicken and Thai Basil involves many of my favorite things to eat, and it’s a quick and easy meal to boot. The fragrant combination of aromatics, including Thai basil, wakes up your taste buds. Add a little eggplant and chicken (or omit the meat to make this vegetarian), and you have… […]

Vegan Garlic Noodles

Vegan garlic noodles only take 15 minutes to make and are perfect for a busy weeknight when you need dinner on the table fast! Coming at you with an easy, tasty, fast, and inexpensive pasta dish that curbs your craving for Asian takeout! These easy garlic noodles are flavor central! If you’re not a huge […]

Raw Banana and Yam Thoran Recipe

The Raw Banana and Yam Thoran Recipe is a typical Kerala vegetable dish made with yam, plantain and loaded with the goodness of coconut. It also consists of brown chickpeas to add in the extra texture to the whole dish. The use of yam gives the dish a crunchy texture and the coconut gives it a […]

The Complete Vegan Guide to Walt Disney World

With four theme parks, over 20 on-site hotels, a Disney Springs shopping and dining district, and two water parks, the 40-square miles of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL has a mind boggling array of food options—including vegan options galore. In October of 2019, Disney launched a plant-based initiative which brought more than 400 […]

Book Reviews in Vegetarian Journal

The latest issue of Vegetarian Journal features several book reviews. Emma Sawko’s first vegan cookbook Wild Recipes features international recipes such as Wild Ceviche, Miso Shiitake Soup, Peruvian Bowl, Thai Curry, Blueberry Scones, Chocolate Truffles, and more. The Oat Milk Cookbook by Kim Lutz offers over 100 recipes featuring oat milk. You’ll also find eye-catching […]

23 Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipes You Need to Try

Taste buds evolve as we age and palettes become more refined with experience, but there is no such thing as aging out of mac and cheese. Of course, chefs have enhanced the childhood classic by adding glugs of truffle oil or crispy vegan mushroom bacon, but the fact that this comforting pasta dish can go […]

50+ Best Salad Recipes

Having a repertoire of great salad recipes is key. This is a list of many of the best salads I’ve prepared over the years. You’ll see a mix of chopped salads, green salads, plus grain and pasta salads. They all have an emphasis on fresh, whole, seasonal, plant-based ingredients. Enjoy! Chopped Salad Recipes One of […]

Saucy Vegan Pad Thai with Crisp Pan-Fried Tofu

This sweet and savory Thai noodle dish from the Vegan Asian: A Cookbook has crunch from bean sprouts and peanuts and added heat from a generous sprinkling of red pepper flakes. Find vegan fish sauce at speciality vegan markets, or swap it for more soy sauce in this recipe.