Charred Jalapeño Hummus

This summer, as I reflected on the now 8 years of hosting this site and the absolutely god-awful photographs I used to post back in 2013, the jalapeño harvest began and I took the opportunity to recreate this ancient Charred Jalapeño Hummus recipe, one of my first ever.

I’m glad to be reminded that even in the dawn of Yup, it’s Vegan, I did understand how to cook stuff to an extent, and came up with a pretty tasty jalapeño hummus dip even if the photographs made it look despondent. On the other hand, why was there red wine vinegar in it?! Oh well, life is a journey.

This recipe has now been updated for the after-times, since I no longer avoid oil; and I think I’m a bit more clear on how to coax flavor out of jalapeños while reducing the heat.

I grew these peppers in my garden and I’m very proud of myself!

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