Cheesy Mushroom & Corn Open Toast

Cheesy Mushroom & Corn Open Toast makes an excellent appetiser, or quick breakfast or even as tea time snack. It is simple to make with sliced bread that is topped with mushrooms, corn and chili cheese spread. 

Britannia Mexican Chilli Cheese Spread gives the topping a creaminess and the delicious taste of mexican cuisine. The best part about the Britannia cheese spread is that it spreads like magic over toasts.

You can wow your party guests by serving it as an appetiser. Either way, Cheesy Mushroom & Corn Open Toast is a delicious little snack for any occasion. You can also make it as a side dish with a continental meal. 

Serve Cheesy Mushroom & Corn Open Toast Recipe for Tea Time Snacks along with a hot cup of Espresso Coffee

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