Chettinad Pattani Kurma Recipe – Chettinad Peas Curry

Chettinad Pattani Kurma Recipe is a classic kurma recipe. Fragrant spices like cloves, cinnamom, cardamom all roasted and combined with coconut to make the base masala. Added steamed green peas and giving a crunch to this soulful kurma recipe is the curry leaf tadka. 

Did you know: Green Peas are the immature seeds of dried peas often called field peas. Green peas are really powerhouses of nutrition that are a boon for our health. These peas are low in calories as compared to beans, another legume. Being high in nutrition, these sweet green peas have a large number of health benefits! Green peas being a very delicious and healthy vegetable, makes for great dishes too!

This chumky peas kurma goes well not just with parottas but with dosas and ghee rice too.

Serve Chettinad Pattani Kurma along with Malabar Parotta Recipe – Kerala Parotta Recipe and Cucumber Pineapple Raw Mango Salad Recipe for a simple weekend dinner.

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