Christmas Tree Salad. Pomegranate. Pecans. Raw Chard.

originally published: 12/3/12, updated: 12/6/18

I had no intentions of making this raw chard ribbon salad a “Christmas Tree” Salad. It was just going to be a holiday salad. Until I piled it into my bowl and watched as it formed a peaked tower that resembled a decked out holiday tree.

Complete with shiny red pomegranate “lights” – glossy grape bulbs – twinkly satsuma ornaments – and then, of course, I needed a star on top…

..sprouted grain toast star it was!

So my holiday salad turned into an edible tree.

And now, (six years later!!!), this has been a festive fave of mine. I hope you can give it a try and even bring your own creativity to it…Read more ยป

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