Classic Andhra Style Chicken Curry Recipe

Classic Andhra Style Chicken Curry Recipe is a delectable recipe that is a speciality from Andhra.

This effortless creation is composed of chicken pieces simmered in a broth of ground spices. The secret to this curry is the perfect masala base, which adds a magical touch to this curry. An artfully blended ground paste that releases plenty of flavours to form a nice strong curry is the trick here. It is pungent yet pleasing to the senses.

Do take heed – this palatal joy may be followed by a runny nose and watery eyes – a sensorial spate often signifying a typical Andhra style Chicken Curry.

Serve Classic Andhra Style Chicken Curry along with Dhaba Style Spicy Ghee Rice Recipe Made From Whole Spices, and Andhra Style Chepa Vepudu Recipe – Andhra Fish Fry Recipe for a delectable weekend meal.

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