Classic Potato Salad

Potato Salad is one of those classic side dishes everyone looks for at any cookout or picnic that shouts summer indoor-outdoor “must-have” foods.

The ingredients are different for everyone, from a Southern-style, American style, Greek-style, Italian style, and German styles the list goes on and on to choose from.

Our potato salad is a very basic recipe that has numerous possibilities using our additions to change it, there’s even a substitution using cauliflower instead of potatoes for all my low carb readers.

We keep it plain with our favorite mayonnaise, mustard, a little relish, finely minced garlic, peppers, and a few spices.

The family favorite is when it’s loaded with cooked crispy bacon, but you can decide what to put in yours.

This potato side dish, either way, comes out perfect every time.

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