Comparing Polls on the Number of Vegetarians/Vegans

Always be wary when you are comparing polls, such as those
calculating the number of vegetarians/vegans. We’ve been seeing articles that
say that 5% of Israelis are vegans and 8% more are vegetarians. We do know
there are plenty of vegan options in Israel. One member living there told us
that even when visiting a Russian grocery store known for its meat, he saw a
whole row of frozen veggie meat alternatives. However, we asked Richard
Schwartz, author of the Vegan Revolution to
try to track down that Israeli poll figure. He was told that it appears that
the 5% and 8% figures are self-defined vegetarians and vegans. So that would be
people that call themselves vegetarians or vegans, which as we all know can have
different meanings to people. That is important information; however, it should
not be compared directly to polls such as The Vegetarian Resource Group’s
polls, which ask about foods people do not eat, rather than what they call

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