Copycat Denny’s French Toast

If you’ve ever been to a Dennys for breakfast, you already know their French toast is terrific but even better made in your own kitchen.

Today we are making a copycat version that is so easy and delicious everyone will ask for this over and over again in your home.

With just some simple pantry ingredients like eggs, milk, vanilla you’re are going to make a delicious custard-like batter that’s better than the original.

We/ve also provided instructions on how to Air Fry French Toast, Bake it, or even by using electric Griddle for cooking methods below and your convenience for healthier versions.

The kids absolutely love this recipe for breakfast and it’s super easy to make, (we’ve even cut the bread into strips and made French Toast sticks).

Add a few side dishes and this will become a family favorite but don’t take my word for it, give this one a try first to see.

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