Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe

Apple butter is so easy to make in your crock pot or slow cooker! Not only does it taste fantastic spread on toast, but it also makes your house smell amazing while it cooks! This recipe for making apple butter is my go-to and couldn’t be easier. It’s one of my favorite fall crock pot recipes.

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Do you ever see those jars of apple butter at specialty grocery stores? You know, the ones with the adorable labels and big price tags? I used to buy them because I did not realize how easy it is to make your homemade apple butter.

Well, it’s so easy, and I can’t wait to show you! If you go apple picking during the fall, this is the way to use all of the apples up. It’s so simple, and you can use it in all kinds of ways.

Easy Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe

  • Apple butter takes a while to cook, so using the crock pot to make it is perfect. It’s a few easy steps, and then you leave them to cook until they’re softened.
  • The longer they cook, the more caramelized they get. Caramelization equals tons of flavor!
  • If you’ve ever made homemade applesauce, this is a similar process – it just takes a little longer to cook.

Slow cooker apple butter tastes like fall, and it makes your house smell like fall, too, while it cooks. So it’s a double win that will get you in the fall spirit.


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