Dosakaya Pappu Recipe-Andhra Style Yellow Cucumber Dal

Dosakaya Pappu Recipe-Andhra Style Yellow Cucumber Dal is one of the most comforting and flavourful dal delicacy in Andhra cuisine. Dosakaya Pappu Recipe tastes very different and can be made very quickly with minimal ingredients. As the Yellow Cucumber/Dosakaya is somewhat bland in taste, it adapts the taste of all the seasonings you add to the dal, becomes flavourful and also gets cooked in no time.

Did You Know: Yellow cucumbers are very low in calories, have minimal amounts of fats and no cholesterol. They have very high water content and are know to have diuretic properties, and thus help in improving the kidney and bladder diseases. It is a tangy vegetable, which belongs to cucumber family. It is also an excellent source of Potassium and vitamin C. The skin is a good source of dietary fiber and has minerals such as silica and magnesium. It’s very good for diabetic patients.

Serve the Dosakaya Pappu with hot Steamed Rice along with a drizzle of ghee. It pairs perfectly with a Spicy Potato Roast Recipe (Urulaikizhangu Poriyal) and a crunchy papad.

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