Enjoy Mexican Soups and Stews


A previous issue of Vegetarian Journal features vegan Mexican
recipes from Chef Carlos Erez. Chef Carlos was born and raised in New York
City. His beautiful mother, a native of Mexico, taught him to cook. He’s been
vegan over six years and loves translating her recipes and his heritage into
compassionate new meals.

Recipes included in his article are: Mah Maiz! (a corn-based soup), Siete
Mares (in Mexico, Caldo de Siete Mares is a classic seafood stew. In my vegan
version, enjoy seven vegetables, including meaty oyster mushrooms, and a taste
of the ocean from kelp powder!), Puebla Con Amor (Stuffed peppers in a rich
broth), Señora Tortilla (a deeply authentic meal, originating in the state of
Tlaxcala. His version finds its depth from toasted dry peppers and fresh
tomatoes.), Mexican Rebel Veggie Stew, and El Rico (a hearty soup).

Find the entire article here: https://www.vrg.org/journal/vj2020issue1/2020_issue1_soup_stews.php

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