Favorite Vegan Foods of The Vegetarian Resource Group 2021 Interns

Julia Comino, VRG Intern

effect of my internship with The Vegetarian Resource Group that I did not
expect, but have come to enjoy immensely, is the constant vegan food
suggestions I have received from the other interns I work with and The VRG
staff. From testing out new recipes to chatting with my fellow interns about
our favorite vegan snacks, I have found myself calling more and more foods my
favorite. Armed with my new repertoire of beloved vegan dishes, I decided to
seek out the favorite vegan foods of some of the other interns working with The

working on a project together, Shantika Bhat, a current VRG intern from
Baltimore, Maryland, and I were able to discuss what our favorite vegan foods
are. Shantika explained that her family tends not to eat out and instead
usually cooks up delicious homemade meals such as vegan Japchae, a Korean glass
noodle stir-fry dish. But, Shantika’s favorite vegan meal is Dal Fry, an Indian
lentil dish that just happens to be vegan! Shantika shared her own Dal Fry
recipe in her piece “Delicious Dal Fry
and after hearing her description of this delicious dish, I know that I will be
attempting to cook this soon!

Rivera, a current intern from California, is also a fan of cooking up
mouthwatering vegan foods, and her recipe sources are the blogs Loving it Vegan, Dora’s Table, and Minimalist
. Lucia recommended checking out the recipes for sugar cookies,
pumpkin cake, and tamales. When Lucia isn’t putting something together in her
own kitchen, she loves easy snacks like prunes, apricots, banana and peanut
butter, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables. For vegan products, Lucia’s
favorite are Kashi vegan waffles, Ezekiel vegan whole grain bread, and Trader
Joe’s kale gnocchi, which is one of my top choice quick vegan meals as well!
Rachel Eldering, also a Trader Joe’s enthusiast and a dietetic intern from
Virginia with Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, prefers the kale pesto that this
store sells.

is also a fan of Violife vegan cheese products, whereas Callie Showalter, an
intern from Washington who’s been vegetarian for nine years and vegan for four,
favors Miyoko’s cashew mozzarella cheese. When I eat vegan cheese substitutes,
I generally reach for Kite Hill’s vegan cream cheese. While I spread my vegan
cheese on my bagels, Callie uses her cashew mozzarella in her favorite dinners,
vegan lasagna and broccoli “cheese” casserole. Another of Callie and my
favorites is MorningStar’s Corn Dogs that always satisfy my fast-food cravings.

Hunt (an intern from Anchorage, Alaska, that is currently pursuing a degree in
Journalism and Communications at the University of Alaska Anchorage) and I
share the same opinion on one of our favorite vegan foods. Frozen mango chunks
make it to the top of both of our lists. The frozen creamy flavor of frozen
mango delivers a luscious snack at a low price! Audrey pairs her frozen mango
chunks with So Delicious vanilla vegan yogurt, another favorite of mine;
whereas I tend to just eat frozen mango plain as an easy yet surprisingly
indulgent snack. Audrey’s favorite vegan food to snack on is BOOMCHICKAPOP
Popcorn which has so many delicious vegan flavor options like Sweet and Salty
Popcorn, Salted Caramel Popcorn, Sweet Barbeque Popcorn, and Chili Lime
Flavored Popcorn. Audrey shared with me another favorite vegan combo of hers:
Quaker’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning rice cakes topped with Kite Hill’s
chive and onion vegan cream cheese. With more of a sweet tooth, Ksheetisha
Bhat, a current VRG intern from Michigan, is a fan of Abe’s vegan bakes like
pound cake and muffins, and I will definitely be trying out these sweet treats

for my favorite vegan foods, hummus has always been a go-to. I love adding
hummus to any meal, as a dip, a spread on a sandwich, or even mixing it with a
little lemon juice and oil to make a salad dressing. Beyond my chickpea dip
obsession, I am also a fan of mango. No matter what form, frozen, fresh, or
dried, mango is my favorite food to snack on. I would definitely recommend
trying out Trader Joe’s dried mango products such as their Dried Chile Mangoes
or Soft and Juicy Dried Mango.

having more and more vegan foods I am vying to try, this project has made me
realize the vast number of diverse and delicious dishes that you can make when
eating vegan.

For more ideas, see: https://www.vrg.org/teen/#plans

Julia did a virtual VRG internship from Mississippi this