Foxtail and Jowar Millet Paniyaram Recipe

Foxtail Millet and Jowar Paniyaram Recipe is a healthy way to start your morning. The paniyaram is tasty and delicious as well. The recipe is not too complicated and all you have to do is just keep the batter ready so that you can quickly whip up a breakfast that will be loved by everyone in your family. The batter has an equal proportion of foxtail and jowar grains that is soaked a day ahead and ground. Foxtail millet is the best option for diabetic friendly and jowar millet on the hand contains high in fiber. Both put together helps to create wonders for a healthy start.

Serve the Foxtail and Jowar Millet Paniyaram Recipe along with coconut chutney or tomato and onion chutney for breakfast. 

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